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vinay 21 Nov,07
very good!
Himanshu Pandya 21 Nov,07
This is very nice and useful for all I am very thank full of this site
Asish Dash 19 Nov,07
It is really very know the location...but it would be better if more details can also be given
Ram Mohan 16 Nov,07
Really Helpful
Nishit Shah 12 Nov,07
Very useful one.
jagjeet 05 Nov,07
Thats good. I appreciate.
sujit 01 Nov,07
its good , but pls also show detail about number.
Simi 31 Oct,07
Its awesome!
balaji 30 Oct,07
best website
Rakesh 27 Oct,07
Nice feature ... Keep me posted with even more updates
Sreenath 26 Oct,07
really a wonderful feature...great job...please keep me posted of any new features...thanks
Rahul 25 Oct,07
Very nice
Ram Thawani 21 Oct,07
Nice one this application can also be expand to locate the current Location of the Mobile user
Allwyn 18 Oct,07
Nice Work
aashay 17 Oct,07
thats nice concept ,.,but if u provide city name to which it is register that will also be more benificial,.,, waiting for that progress,.,
manjeet kuhar 17 Oct,07
nice software. can we search mobile with EMI number of cell.
Munnu 15 Oct,07
This is loveble
Arun 15 Oct,07
Nice very good concept great job..... try to give city details too..
Bharat 14 Oct,07
Nethaji Reddy 12 Oct,07
Thanks a lot for providing this feature...great... what the number i searched is not found please update your database and mail to my id. I trust that u will do it and thanks in advance...
aristo 11 Oct,07
Great Thing . Keep it going may try to add city in this (no need to tell address)
Tharshana 10 Oct,07
Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
abhishek 04 Oct,07
vikas 04 Oct,07
great !
sivaraj 04 Oct,07
sir Some new and bad culture among guys to giving missed calls and disturbances to unknown is growing. unless we stop this it may end so many good things of mobile. Please locate exact place ie., city by your database to find such suspects. i hope you get it soon
kawita verma 23 Sep,07
Shant 21 Sep,07
Some bugger is calling me and gives me missed call and when I call back it rings but then a tape stating that no such number exists. When approached service provider, I was told that the subscriber has activated call divert service on the number. Pls. tell me what to do if I wish to know the person calling.
ritesh 20 Sep,07
i want 2 know name and address of a number. im getting abusive msgs n calls from that number..
sharlet 10 Sep,07
can I search the mobile number of a person by just putting the name?? pls reply ASAP
Rao 05 Sep,07
hi.. thx.. its wonderful site... good idea..
Sir someone is repeated messages that are distracting me much.i dont like to even to spoke to them.thats why.what to do?
vishal 30 Aug,07
can we trace the exact location of a specific no.
Amit Sahu 30 Aug,07
Please update the information. It is not working for numbers that starts with 99846
Prahalad 28 Aug,07
sir since so many days i am receiving messages from unknown person...i need to trace out the address and location of that person.. can you please send me the dtails
natasha 26 Aug,07
I am getting some missed calls frm an hutch, airtel as well as a reliance no.. how do i get to know who they are...i tried calling customer care but they werent very please do lhe;p me
anisha 25 Aug,07
i am getting lots of messages and some times disturbing call from a particular no.......... can u help me find the location of the user of that no and who the person is..... thank you
rohan 25 Aug,07
I really get miss calls from some nos. ...can i be successful in tracing that
vinojesh 25 Aug,07
i got many missed call from this 9843531370 mobile no.can you trace the name & address of that no.
subash 23 Aug,07
sir, someone had stolen my nokia N70 mobile.please help me to trace it .i have its EMEI number.
manish k.shah 23 Aug,07
can we know what type of handset is been used by the person to whom we are calling.
Ashwani 17 Aug,07
Can we trace phone with the help of IMEI number so that it can provide the phone number and the location in which is used in that lost mobile phone
anirban 15 Aug,07
i want to have the details of call log,name in which the connection is and the address of the connection a few numbers are disturbing me very much with miscalls and slang sms.plz help me.........
RAMYA 09 Aug,07
Am getting miss call from a eleven digit number. Please help me to trace taht
santosh 09 Aug,07
i want to find out the name and addressof that number how do i do it? and If user is on roaming, then it doesnt show his true location. Plz let me know how can i trace my mobile phone if it has stolen i have the EMIE No. ...HELP
Ajay Raghuwanshi 08 Aug,07
Great !!!!!!
sasikanth 07 Aug,07
i want to find out the name and addressof that number how do i do it? and If user is on roaming, then it doesnt show his true location. Plz let me know how can i trace my mobile phone if it has stolen i have the EMIE No. ...HELP
kannan 06 Aug,07
i have lot of missed calle for this nu,mber
Karma Gelay Bhutia 28 Jul,07
I would like to know the name and address of particular mobile sevice network
Manish Jain 23 Jul,07
i have a phone number airtel.i want to find out the name and addressof that number how do i do it? and If user is on roaming, then it doesnt show his true location. Plz let me know how can i trace my mobile phone if it has stolen i have the EMIE No. ...HELP
Rama M. 20 Jul,07
Very Good work ! Need of the hour is to retrieve the sim no (s) last used / being used so far on that particular mobile IMEI no. as so many phone are stolen even now daily and neither the tech savvy capable operators, nor the lead manufacturers of mobiles nor the Police are able to able to trace or block them which is actually a matter of a few seconds job to lacate by the computers / databases howsoever distributed / discrete they may be and turn deaf ears and show regrets only. Both the service providers/cell makers want to earn maky fast & easy buck more out of stolen/lost phones than their brand s/services. At least guide them who loose and cry on several websites..there are hundreds and thousand of such people on each such site . You may charge for such services also. Now since the phones are smart and come with tracking s/w , you need to help only those who already suffered so far. and we may not need any of their services for futureT. Can We hope anything immediately ? Thank you .RM
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