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rashid gora 22 Apr,15
I Love My India
raj 22 Apr,15
i love very much nice technology but i also want how to download
rakesh 22 Apr,15
i want my samsumg s3 mobile some had stolen it is my dad gift
Radio dhamal is the best radio station i like this
sushil kumar 21 Apr,15
I love every one all Indians
rizwan 21 Apr,15
You know I love him very much
Soma 21 Apr,15
I love my india. India is my mother.
Abhijit 21 Apr,15
my mobile is lost, is there any softwore where i can search for my handset by tracing my number
rakesh mishra 21 Apr,15
I love ❤ the every one bcoz I love my India and my born palace Bihar....
sanjoy 21 Apr,15
pl. give me my life detail sir. my dob..29/08/1971.
Afzal 21 Apr,15
I love my all frind ansari afzal mumbai india
preeti 21 Apr,15
saare jaha se acchi technology humari.
khemraj meena 20 Apr,15
i proud on i am indian i proud on india
Rakesh 20 Apr,15
Nice technology I proud to be an Indian
manojjangra 20 Apr,15
Saare jha se acha hindu sitan humara
raja 20 Apr,15
loss of my mobile asus zenfone 5 plz find my mobile
Raman 20 Apr,15
Nice technology and it will take a while to find the number
sanjay 20 Apr,15
Sare janha se aacha hindustan hamara
naman pandey 16 Apr,15
ye ishq nahi aashan ye ishq bra muscile
rajesh g 16 Apr,15
My mobile stolen I want to find out its my dad gift plz help me
I love every one all Indians and rahika kothatola madhubani Bihar.
jitesh 16 Apr,15
hi sare jhase acha hudustan hamara
nishant 15 Apr,15
nice technology, proud to be an indian
sameer 14 Apr,15
इस गली में मजार किस का है सच बता जानीसार किस का है तमाम रिसते नाते टूट गई फिर भी दिल को इन तेजार किस का है
ratan kumar 14 Apr,15
Love is god....... god is love
Ankit 14 Apr,15
account hacking by someone & used my balance approx 18000/-
Akash 14 Apr,15
we are proud to be an indian
ANAND 13 Apr,15
Mobile had been lost. Please trace the location of my mobile with the my email id
i really proud Indian technology
ankita 13 Apr,15
i love my country and proud to be a bangoli girl
sawant somanath 13 Apr,15
A 58 macromax
sunny sharma 13 Apr,15
i love you sonia me abhi tak wait kr rha ho aap ka school ke life se mujhe pata h aap.bhi pyar karte ho me aap ka wait kr rha ho i misss you ( NEW DELHI)
Ravinder gandhiyan 12 Apr,15
Deepak Aggarwal 12 Apr,15
Best App for search mobile Numbers
jayanta borah 12 Apr,15
l love India...i love Assam.....united kingdom.....plz visit Assam....our nature our beauty our tradition.....hope u all will like it.....swagattam
Vishal Kumar 12 Apr,15
हेलो faizabad
12 Apr,15
hi friends i am ravinder from sonipat .india is the great country ,our haryana is the v.v.v great so thanks dear
Kalimullah 12 Apr,15
Dard ki siyahi s likha mera nashib tha khareed li gaye mere Mohabbat q k main garib tha
Arif khan 12 Apr,15
i.......... Love......... india
Roshan kumar 12 Apr,15
Tu meri jindagi h har dard dil ka tujhe dil se dual de khusiyan tjhe gm saare mujhko bhulla due tjhko bhula na paya meri bebasi h I love my nupur keshri
Sarfraz raj 11 Apr,15
Na chaho kisi ko itna ki chahat tumhari majburi ban jaye...chaho kisi ko itna ki tumhari chahat uske liye jaruri ban jaye...
sachin.darji 11 Apr,15
lost my mobile please help my moB ADJECT LOCation plese help
suleman 11 Apr,15
Morning the best song 95.3
yuvraj singh 11 Apr,15
i love rajasthan because i born in it and india is our mother
Nadeem khan 11 Apr,15
I love u almas my life.
Hemanta biswas 11 Apr,15
I love site 4 bharatiya mobile thanks
sid 11 Apr,15
I love you all Indians Friends...
anshu 10 Apr,15
hii.i amanshu can we talk now this time
Mr. Jadhav 10 Apr,15
yesterday night my mobile has been theft from theft from sambhajinagar, chinchwad , pune. kindly co-operate with me.
djsurajsingh 10 Apr,15
tere shiva mujhe is jaha se mujhe kuch nahi chahiye priya
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