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Mukesh Bharti 08 Apr,15
I am Mukesh Kumar bharti.i live in hazaribagh.i am a student.i am pursuing in part 1 with English honours from st.columbas college h.bagh.i am a speaker of English language as well as a good dancer.i miss you all my dear friends.Thanks
Rohit Kumar 08 Apr,15
I Love May Country india (Chhattisgrah)
srinu 08 Apr,15
my mobile lost but my sim card warking ...
Imran 08 Apr,15
I really love you Kriti and i always miss you please come back
Omprakash devanda 08 Apr,15
rahul singh 08 Apr,15
i love my India utter pradesh Rahul Singh
Kushal Kumar Dutta 08 Apr,15
What are doing 'India Against Corruption""? The Corruption iIs A Big Problem In Assam also in India i.e. More Dangerous Than Terrorist. Am I Sure?
Ajeet prajapati Hamirpur 08 Apr,15
I love my India Hamirpur uttar pradesh
PRAVEN 07 Apr,15
mole nokia tace 107 dual
kumar upendra 07 Apr,15
i am a indian man i love my india
Ram Abhangrao 07 Apr,15
I love my India and indian people.
Abhay Kher 07 Apr,15
FM radio is an Dynamic mode through FM we can get Verity of Program Just like Programs for womens,health,farmers,social workers,hot topics,students,new jobs etc and main thing is that I love FM radio it is use full while travailing etc
shaik saleem 07 Apr,15
i love my india.and all indians are my broters and sisters .........
altaf gadad 07 Apr,15
i wantet to know my cell phone location could u help me out plzzzzz
mahendra 07 Apr,15
I love ankita I miss u
Kaushal 07 Apr,15
Kanika Ji MIss you too.
my village allahabad i love my india
A.K.PAL 07 Apr,15
I live in kalpi.i love my india.
AK ANJAANA 07 Apr,15
ravendra singh 06 Apr,15
I love my India n I love u Mannvi rana
suraj 06 Apr,15
i love my india lovely peoples
arjun singh 06 Apr,15
i love my india i l himachal
Yogi 06 Apr,15
Babu I Miss U
Aditi Patil 06 Apr,15
Myself, Aditi Patil, would like to apply for a Radio Jockey job. I have the ability to modulate my voice and have a good presence of mind, as I believe it is one of the important attributes along with other atteibutes. I am also able to talk on a given topic for long. I would like to get associated with the organisation and contribute is entertaining the masses through this profession. I am comfortable in English, Hindi, Marathi.
chandresh damor 06 Apr,15
My intex aqua y2pro mobile is a lost.
Dheeraj Gupta 06 Apr,15
I love my country india Dheeraj Gupta
Yashwant shriwas 05 Apr,15
Jai johar. I love my God shiva(mahakaal).
islam 05 Apr,15
I am from bishalgarh I loveeeee my tripura
dj Deepak Raj 31 Mar,15
My village bharsoli jungle i love my india
Shivam singh 30 Mar,15
I love my India and I love my Sakshi
sammi katoch 30 Mar,15
i love himachal ...and katoch so iam katoch rajput and himachli rana not rajput this is a jalahha.........
Anki 30 Mar,15
Babu I Miss U
kanika sharma 30 Mar,15
i love my india..i admire narendra hero
AkashDwivedi 29 Mar,15
i love my country india and is best in the world
Rajesh Karuwa 29 Mar,15
I Love My India I Love My Jurhat Town
Dhiraj 29 Mar,15
I have lost my Samsung phone
Nikhil Bandekar 29 Mar,15
I loved my India and I love karwar
Zirval Kiran 29 Mar,15
India is very nice,I Love my India
Hemant dangi 29 Mar,15
my village barkheda kalan love you *and my joganiymata
Mamta jain 29 Mar,15
Lost mobile with cash bag... So pls give me last location track and inform me also complain in rpf and police fir
pinku rabha 29 Mar,15
I lupph you bhartio mobile number location
karan 29 Mar,15
my phone is lost lava iris 504q+
riyansh 28 Mar,15
Love Me India From Delhi 110075 Dwarka Sec 19
SANJAY 28 Mar,15
my mobile is lost samsung galaxy sduos2 sgts758
srinivas Rentam 28 Mar,15
Where is registration option????
Veraj das 28 Mar,15
♥♥I love my india♥♥ And ♪•I Love Raiganj•♪ In live
जीतेन्द्र 27 Mar,15
मुझे अपने गांव पलहीपुर सुल्तानपुर यूपी इंडिया से बहुत प्यार है
i like india mobile site , pin code site
Tushar Chandraprakash Nikum 27 Mar,15
Nice Tools and to provide little thing.. it is useful us.. Thanks U
shivam 27 Mar,15
mera bharat mahan jai javan jai kisan
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